Apr. 19th, 2016 09:53 pm
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This year's challenge: find a midwife experienced in water-birth who doesn't believe in homeopathy.
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I had an amazing weekend (friends + SCA + music + recognition + church + family + food). Now I have morning sickness, which is actually super good news for the viability of this pregnancy. And it waited until I was done being busy, too. Yay! Ughghghgh

With amazing timing, my toddler has chosen this as the day he wants to be literally on top of me 100% of the time.
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So yeah, turns out I was pregnant! And so far I still am, so this is great. Baby three, take three is a go. Some kind of virus has taken immediate and forceful advantage of my inhibited immune system, but I guess that's how it goes.

I wanted to record this weird exchange from last week. On a grocery trip, I picked up a second pregnancy test, because I was spotting and I wanted to be sure. (This sort of backup isn't really necessary, but it feels necessary in these situations.) The dude ringing me up decided to comment on the test when it went by.

Him: "Good thing?"
Me: "Huh?"

Him, indicating test: "Happy or scared?"
Me, in my head: "Whoa, this is inappropriate."
Me, in my head: "Both? It's always both."
Me, in my head: "Mostly scared. Of a negative."
Me, out loud: "Uh... happy if true."

Him: "Awesome! What would you want?"
Me, in my head: "This is really personal."
Me, in my head: "Why do people always ask this. It's so boring to guess something you can't control."
Me, in my head: "I try not to raise my kids differently based on gender. Why do you care."
Me, in my head: "What I want is for it to be alive. I want it to not be dead this time."
Me, out loud: Nothing. Silent, twitchy shrug.

Him: "Doesn't matter, huh? Cool. Good luck!"
Me, in my head: "I just want it to be alive."
Me, out loud: "Thanks."
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I've been pretty depressed, but I finally made it funny in my non-anonymous places, so that always makes me feel better.

My period is a week late again. So far the pregnancy test is negative. My body is a jerrrrk and the hormonal mood-swings are exhausting.
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Theme 003: Making History

That's awkward, because I'm having a dawn to dusk "nothing matters" kind of day.


Mar. 28th, 2016 08:37 pm
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Theme 002: Complicated

The only reason it's taken me this long to write another post is that I don't know what to do with this prompt!

I guess one place where I've been thinking about complexity a lot is in politics -- I've been wondering lately what I can actually do to improve the state of things. I think I do reasonably well at staying conscious of the news, doing historical research, and having brain-refining discussions, but I live in an area where the government is actually doing a pretty decent job. Which is a weird problem to have? But my vote kinda disappears, and campaigning is a waste of time because most things are pretty well covered, so I don't know what to do with all this energy. I admire political blogs, comics, and vlogs, but I'm not nearly expert enough to make one myself and withstand the tidal wave of internet hatred.

So I started thinking, maybe local politics? Watch city council meetings on Youtube, work up to learning about the state legislature? Maybe I'd find a thing I could do somewhere along the line? And then I started reading about it all, and my brain explooooooded. What do any of these words mean?! When I look them up on Wikipedia, I don't know what any of those words mean, either! Why does everything take so long? Where is all the money going? Why aren't they talking about anything that matters? Where are the women?

I wish there were a micro-focused Comedy Central show to dumb it all down for me. :P And maybe that's the answer -- maybe I really should be trying to make something funny and educational for other people, but on a small scale, for the Oregon niche. That would be a super cool project for a hypothetical someone to tackle. Trouble is, I don't personally have even a little bit of background in political science. Or comedy. I JUST HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS.
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These 100 theme prompts are cool, so I'm going to use those as a foothold to get this rolling.

Theme 001: Introduction

Hi, void! I'm Ricthryth, and I miss Web 1.0.

I had a hand-coded journal back in 2000 or so, and then a Livejournal for several years, after which Facebook started leeching my ability to blog. This Dreamwidth is an attempt to return to the glory days of being silly and anonymous and not having a hundred people who know me personally -- and zero people who don't -- read every anecdote I feel like posting.

Sooooo, here's me through a few superficial lenses! I'm female, nerdy, pale, big-nosed, long-red-haired, petite, mom-bellied, bespectacled, hairy-legged, and probably wearing a rad T-shirt. I'm bad at meeting people, but I like talking to them once I have. I don't really identify with geek culture even though I'm into a lot of geek media. I'm only happy if my life involves a lot of goofy art projects. I used to sing in front of audiences at least once a week, and have occasionally had columns or comics published. I've won NaNoWriMo seven times, lost once, and never tried to edit any of my manuscripts. I hope to go to grad school in six years or so.

I'm currently a stay-at-home mother to two young boys, which is something I always planned on, but which has not come very naturally to me. It's a lot more fun once they learn to talk! I want to have at least one more kid, but miscarriages are making the process complicated. I have a husband of ten years who is also my companion, partner in life crime, and general source of delight. My kitchen is a disaster. After an absurd but characteristic amount of obsessive research, I just got a hamster, and I love him from afar while he gets used to the new digs.

I'm rapidly approaching 30, which is kind of a relief, because I've felt like I was supposed to be that age since I was a teenager. I have medicated depression, unmedicated ADD, and celiac disease -- which is to say, I'm pretty happy if I don't get too tired, I'm easily overwhelmed but at least I know it, and I can only eat mediocre bread products. I'm also allergic to Just Shy of Everything.

Eeeeee the hamster just woke up!!!

I'm very Mormon and very liberal, which makes more sense to me than any other combination of beliefs, so it's weird that it's not more popular? I grew up with four siblings and a powerful telescope. I'm not terribly ambitious about converting people to either my religion or my politics, because a) people are already usually doing their best, and b) I've found it unproductive in the past, and c) I just don't have the energy. Still, I love discussing faith and/or social justice as soon as I'm convinced that another party actually wants me to do so. I believe I have a responsibility to listen to and signal boost the voices of marginalized people. I'm cisgender, straight, white, working-class, a US citizen, and mostly able-bodied.

I run a family history lab, host a roleplaying group, and do a lot of heraldry work in the SCA. I'm the kind of gym-goer who listens to 19th-century literature while struggling to lift 10 pounds.

Right now I spend most of my time watching Youtube.


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