Mar. 19th, 2016

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These 100 theme prompts are cool, so I'm going to use those as a foothold to get this rolling.

Theme 001: Introduction

Hi, void! I'm Ricthryth, and I miss Web 1.0.

I had a hand-coded journal back in 2000 or so, and then a Livejournal for several years, after which Facebook started leeching my ability to blog. This Dreamwidth is an attempt to return to the glory days of being silly and anonymous and not having a hundred people who know me personally -- and zero people who don't -- read every anecdote I feel like posting.

Sooooo, here's me through a few superficial lenses! I'm female, nerdy, pale, big-nosed, long-red-haired, petite, mom-bellied, bespectacled, hairy-legged, and probably wearing a rad T-shirt. I'm bad at meeting people, but I like talking to them once I have. I don't really identify with geek culture even though I'm into a lot of geek media. I'm only happy if my life involves a lot of goofy art projects. I used to sing in front of audiences at least once a week, and have occasionally had columns or comics published. I've won NaNoWriMo seven times, lost once, and never tried to edit any of my manuscripts. I hope to go to grad school in six years or so.

I'm currently a stay-at-home mother to two young boys, which is something I always planned on, but which has not come very naturally to me. It's a lot more fun once they learn to talk! I want to have at least one more kid, but miscarriages are making the process complicated. I have a husband of ten years who is also my companion, partner in life crime, and general source of delight. My kitchen is a disaster. After an absurd but characteristic amount of obsessive research, I just got a hamster, and I love him from afar while he gets used to the new digs.

I'm rapidly approaching 30, which is kind of a relief, because I've felt like I was supposed to be that age since I was a teenager. I have medicated depression, unmedicated ADD, and celiac disease -- which is to say, I'm pretty happy if I don't get too tired, I'm easily overwhelmed but at least I know it, and I can only eat mediocre bread products. I'm also allergic to Just Shy of Everything.

Eeeeee the hamster just woke up!!!

I'm very Mormon and very liberal, which makes more sense to me than any other combination of beliefs, so it's weird that it's not more popular? I grew up with four siblings and a powerful telescope. I'm not terribly ambitious about converting people to either my religion or my politics, because a) people are already usually doing their best, and b) I've found it unproductive in the past, and c) I just don't have the energy. Still, I love discussing faith and/or social justice as soon as I'm convinced that another party actually wants me to do so. I believe I have a responsibility to listen to and signal boost the voices of marginalized people. I'm cisgender, straight, white, working-class, a US citizen, and mostly able-bodied.

I run a family history lab, host a roleplaying group, and do a lot of heraldry work in the SCA. I'm the kind of gym-goer who listens to 19th-century literature while struggling to lift 10 pounds.

Right now I spend most of my time watching Youtube.


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